Let's go! Steps for engaging older people and improve communities for all age: Toolkit Launch

Let's go! Steps for engaging older people and improve communities for all age: Toolkit Launch
Toolkit Launch

DATE / TIME:    Wednesday,  July 27th.  /  11:00 am EST  (Washington DC time)

Event Video                                       Toolkit

PAHO, AARP and HelpAge International invite to the launch event of  the guide “Let's go! Steps for engaging older people and improve communities for all age.”

The session will have translation in Spanish and English. The guide will be available to the public after the event. 


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11:00 am         Opening Remarks (Stephanie Firestone, AARP)

11:05 am         Opening Remarks Marcela Bustamante, Regional Representative HelpAge International, Latin America and the Caribbean,                                                                 HelpAge International)

11:10 am         Opening Remarks (Patricia Morsch, Advisor Healthy Aging, Panamerican Health Organization (PAHO/WHO))

11:15 am         Keynote Address (Sion Jones, Urban Inclusion Advisor, HelpAge International)

11:25 am         Project Deep Dives

The moderator will ask each panelist to provide a brief overview of their project and then answer a few questions. Note, that the moderator will engage with each panelist one at a time. All other panelists will have their video off and sound muted when it is not their turn.

Moderator: _TBD

Project #1: Brazil (~8 minutes)

  • Panelist: Lizandra García Lupi
  • How is your project sustainable and accessible through time?
  • Which measures did you take to ensure the safety of older people?

Project #2: Colombia (~8 minutes)

  • Panelist: Aura Calimán, Social Leader
  • Is there a linkage between the development of urban gardens and the diminution of violence?
  • What else is needed for the urban gardens to be sustainable and better used?

Project #3: Costa Rica (~8 minutes)

  • Panelist: Veronica Hernández Zúñiga, Cartago's Municipality
  • What other strategies should be implemented in the public transport system in order to make it friendlier with older people?
  • How did you convince public transport enterprises to participate in this initiative?

Project #4: Argentina (~8 minutes)

  • Panelist: Silvia Maranzano, President, RAFAM
  • What is the main struggle old people face when it comes to being physically active?
  • What advice would you give to an older man or woman who wants to be active?

Project #5: Dominican Republic (~8 minutes)

  • Panelist: Rodrigo Segura, Executive Director NTD
  • According to your experience, which is the best strategy to enhance food habits in older people?
  • What is the role of the caregiver in this process?


12:05 am         Panel Discussion

The moderator will ask each panelist to come on camera to participate in a brief panel discussion and introduce the special guests. The guests will do some questions to the panelists.

Moderator: -TBD


  • Lizandra García Lupi – Brazil  
  • Aura Calimán – Colombia  
  • Veronica Hernández Zúñiga – Costa Rica
  • Silvia Maranzano – Argentina  
  • Rodrigo Segura – Dominican Republic


  • Dr. Thiago Herick de Sa, World Health Organization (WHO)
  • TBD, World Bank


12:20 pm        Final Thoughts and Audience Questions

The moderator will welcome all panelists and respondents to provide final thoughts and field audience questions.

12:27 pm        Closing Remarks

12:30 pm        Event Closed