59th Directing Council

73rd Session of the Regional Committee of WHO for the Americas
Virtual Session, 20-24 September 2021  

The Council meets once a year in those years when the Conference does not meet. It acts on behalf of the Conference between sessions of the Conference.

Diverse Documents | Official Documents | Working Documents | Information Documents

Diverse Documents

Official Documents

  • OD362
    - Financial Report of the Director and Report of the External Auditor for 2020
  • OD363
    - Program Budget of the Pan American Health Organization 2022-2023
  • OD363, Add. I
    - Program Budget of the Pan American Health Organization 2022-2023
  • OD363, Add. II
    - Program Budget of the Pan American Health Organization 2022-2023

Working Documents 

  • CD59/1
    - Provisional Agenda
  • CD59/2
    - Annual Report of the President of the Executive Committee
  • CD59/3
    - Annual Report of the Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau
  • CD59/4
    - Election of Three Member States to the Executive Committee on the Expiration of the Periods of Office of Barbados, Ecuador, and United States of America
  • CD59/5
    - Scale of Assessed Contributions 2022-2023
  • CD59/6
    - Roadmap for the Digital Transformation of the Health Sector in the Region of the Americas
  • CD59/7
    - Policy on the Application of Data Science in Public Health Using Artificial Intelligence and Other Emerging Technologies
  • CD59/8
    - Increasing Production Capacity for Essential Medicines and Health Technologies
  • CD59/9
    - One Health: A Comprehensive Approach for Addressing Health Threats at the Human-Animal-Environment Interface
  • CD59/10
    - Reinvigorating Immunization as a Public Good for Universal Health
  • CD59/11
    - Strategy for Building Resilient Health Systems and Post COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery to Sustain and Protect Public Health Gains
  • CD59/12
    - Report on the Collection of Assessed Contributions
  • CD59/12, Add. I
    - Report on the Collection of Assessed Contributions
  • CD59/13
    - Appointment of the External Auditor of PAHO for 2022-2023
  • CD59/14
    - Selection of Two Member States from the Region of the Americas Entitled to Designate a Person to Serve on the Policy and Coordination Committee (PCC) of the UNDP/UNFPA/ UNICEF/WHO/World Bank Special Program of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction
  • CD59/15
    - Election of Three Members to the Advisory Committee of the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information (BIREME)
  • CD59/16
    - PAHO Award for Health Services Management and Leadership 2021

Information Documents

  • CD59/INF/1
    - Update on COVID-19 in the Region of the Americas
  • CD59/INF/2
    - Report on Strategic Issues between PAHO and WHO
  • CD59/INF/3
    - Draft report of the Working Group on Sustainable Financing established by the Executive Board of the World Health Organization
  • CD59/INF/4
    - Report on Strengthening PAHO and WHO preparedness for and response to health emergencies
  • CD59/INF/5
    - Implementation of the International Health Regulations

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and as per Resolution CE168.R16, Members States are invited to submit written comments to the following reports: