Country Health Emergency Preparedness and IHR

This area of work aims to ensure that all countries of the Region have capabilities for all hazards health emergency and disaster risk management, including the core capacities needed to fulfill their responsibilities under the IHR 2005. The goal is to ensure that each Member State builds its own standing capacity to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from humanitarian emergencies and large outbreaks.

Major Action Lines:

  • Institutionalization of a national health emergency management; 
  • Development and implementation of health multihazard preparedness and response plan; 
  • Identification and training of multidisciplinary health response teams; 
  • Regional IHR secretariat activities; 
  • IHR Core Capacity Building, Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • Development of guidelines, learning materials and standard operating procedures; 
  • Implementation of the Emergency Medical Teams initiative.