Health Emergency Information and Risk Assessment

This area of work provides timely and authoritative situation analysis, risk assessment, and response monitoring for all acute public health events and emergencies.

As the Regional contact point for the IHR, PAHO’s Health Emergencies department continuously coordinates the strengthening of the systematic detection, verification, and risk assessment of events, including training, coordination, and dissemination of accurate and timely information for all potential public health events of international concern and acute public health events.

Major Action Lines:

  • 24/7 Detection, Verification and Risk Assessment of Public Health Events under the IHR; 
  • Collection, management, analysis and reporting on data related to public health events, emergencies, and disasters; 
  • Definition of minimal standardized information required for different emergency related activities/topics; 
  • Development of basic operational tools and risk mapping; 
  • Development of prediction tools and modeling; 
  • Production of country risk profiles and their periodic updating.