What is Epidemic Intelligence?

What is known as Epidemic Intelligence (EI) is the cycle of organized and systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of information from all sources to detect, verify and investigate potential health risks. 

Key facts and statistics

Annually, approximately 24,000 signals of potential events are screened by PAHO, with 5,000 of these further analyzed and 160 followed upon (3 per week on average).

The EMS recorded 2,381 events for the Region of the Americas from 2001 to 2022. In 2022 alone, out of 483 events registered by WHO, 131 (27%) were monitored and reported by PAHO, making the Americas Region the WHO Region with the highest number of events recorded.

Of the 131 events recorded in 2022 in the Americas, 108 were substantiated events reported in 33 countries and territories. Of the substantiated events, 91 (84%) were due to infectious diseases, 11 (10%) were product-related, 4 (4%) were undetermined, 1 (1%) was chemical-related, and 1 (1%) was radionuclear-related.