Hospitals Can Withstand Disasters

Hospitals can withstand disasters

The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean are exposed to various natural and manmade hazards. We must be able to rely on our hospitals and health centers in all circumstances to avoid an increase in the number of victims after an event. This material, in French, includes a Guide, a training tool for using the guide, a questionnaire with a list of potential elements that can fail, and a short brochure with the key elements of the guide. The guide and accompanying materials have been designed specifically to aid in the construction of hospitals in Haiti, but the patterns shown may be of use to many countries and communities.

The main concepts in the guide and the accompanying material are:

  1. Ensure that competent professionals are present during all phases of the project.
  2. Check the features of the site where the buildings will be located.
  3. Check the quality of the materials used.
  4. Ensure that the design of hospitals is resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes.
  5. Ensure that non-structural elements and equipment are safe.
  6. Check the accessibility and safety in hospitals.
  7. Make reliable assessments of existing hospitals and ensure that their rehabilitation increases their resilience to natural hazards.
  8. Ensure regular maintenance of the hospital and its elements.

Download the materials - in French only