Staff Association

What is the mission of the Staff Association?

The mission of the PAHO/AMRO Staff Association, founded in 1958, is to safeguard and promote the best interests of staff in every aspect of their work by engaging in effective communication with management on matters of interest and concern to staff, particularly relating to personnel policy and conditions of service.

Who does the Staff Association report to?

The Staff Association is a legal entity that is free and independent of management and operates completely outside PAHO's normal organizational structure. It is not accountable to management and does not report to anyone in the Organization.

The Staff Association, through its executive body (the S.A. Executive Committee), has a primary obligation to account and provide feedback to its members and reports every year to PAHO's Executive Committee on the status of the working relationship between staff and management, as well as on other matters of interest to the international public service including aspects of internal justice.

What is the level of authority of the Staff Association?

The PAHO/AMRO Staff Association and its duly elected representatives are formally recognized by the Organization as representing the views of the staff at large.

Although the views of the Staff Association are influential and indispensable, it does not have any decision-making authority on issues relating to personnel policies or conditions of service. Nonetheless, it actively participates and provides critical input and advice during consultations with management on proposed changes to PAHO's Staff Regulations and Staff Rules and policies relating to staff questions.

What is the level of confidentiality of the Staff Association?

Depending on the type of action, some subjects require strict confidentiality, specifically, confidentiality is assured between staff and the S.A. legal adviser when legal remedies are being pursued as consultations are established directly between the two parties. In addition, there are other types of S.A. activities that must be handled confidentially, for instance, participation in selection committees, reclassification review panels, and harassment and appeal boards.

Consultations with Staff Association representatives are confidential and information may only be shared with people who have a legitimate need to know.

Who can use the services of the Staff Association?

The services of the Staff Association are available to all individuals hired under U.N. contracts in accordance with Staff Rule 420, whether employed on a full-time, temporary or part-time basis. They continue to be available to staff who have retired and who have been members in good standing for a minimum period of five years immediately prior to their retirement.

All PAHO/AMRO staff members have the right to be represented by the Staff Association and the affiliation principles of the Association are based on voluntary participation.

When should you contact the Staff Association?

You can contact the Staff Association whenever you are having workplace difficulties or would like to receive information or clarification relating your conditions of service, such as:

  • If you wish to know your rights and obligations as a PAHO/AMRO staff member or would like information on any rule, policy or practice pertaining to your employment contract and/or conditions of service;
  • If you feel that you have been subjected to an unfavorable decision or outcome, such as the denial of an allowance, benefit or entitlement and would like to obtain independent advice;
  • If you are having problems or experiencing conflict in your office or duty station related to the work environment, internal relations, right of association, and you feel you cannot ask anyone for help, your S.A. delegate can direct you on how to properly address your concern;
  • If you are not sure what constitutes workplace harassment, but feel that you are being improperly or unfairly treated; and
  • If you would like guidance on how to submit an appeal to the PAHO Board of Appeal or a complaint to the International Labor Organization Administrative Tribunal or wish to know the steps involved in these processes.

How can the Staff Association be contacted?

  • By e-mail to the SA Executive Committee mailbox (*HQ:Staff/EC); or
  • By contacting the staff representative of your Local Organization or your District Representative.