New SIP Plus course available

1 Feb 2024
ilustración computadora y logos SIP Plus
1 Feb 2024

Montevideo, 1 February 2024. It is available a new course on SIP Plus (Perinatal Information System in its web version).

SIP is an evidence-based system of clinical records and priorities of care, developed among professionals in the region. It is a standard perinatal clinical record and integrates PAHO's toolkit to improve the quality of care for women's health, reproductive health and newborn health at all levels, from community centres to referral hospitals.

This self-learning course is aimed at health professionals. They will be able to enter data from patient records and automatically report on groups of demographic indicators, disease burden, interventions and their outcomes.

This free course is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. It is currently in the pilot phase and in the coming months will be incorporated into PAHO's Virtual Campus for Public Health.

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