USG and the PAHO Revolving Fund provide relief to countries in need of vaccines and strengthen the region supply chain

woman checks boxes in a warehouse

Washington D.C., 19 January 2023 (PAHO/WHO) - The Revolving Fund with the support of the USG have worked together on filling in vaccine and ancillary supplies gaps for countries in the region of the Americas from vaccines, diluents, and syringe procurement to covering shipping costs of lifesaving goods.

Only in the third quarter of 2022, 40 million syringes for COVID-19 vaccination were stowed in PAHO’s warehouse in Panama to secure the region’s access in an emergency scarce supply scenario. Likewise, some countries needed assistance in stress vaccination with doses of essential vaccines like Polio and Yellow Fever to prevent backsliding of National Immunization Programs due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

When countries needed assistance in transporting vaccines, the Revolving Fund, with USG support, covered the transportation costs of COVID-19 and yellow fever vaccines, overcoming financial barriers and expediting this process.

To date, PAHO has procured or is procuring/stowing also 220,000 safety boxes and 156,000 diluent vials. This support provides financial relief and helps countries respond faster in their immunization efforts.