PAHO provided technical support to the Ministry of Health for strengthening of Non-Communicable Disease and Risk factors Surveillance

29 Oct 2023
NCDs and Risk Factors
29 Oct 2023

Georgetown, Guyana – 20 October 2023- The Ministry of Health in collaboration with PAHO ended a four-day workshop for the strengthening of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and Risk Factors surveillance (RFs).

The workshop aimed to assess the national capacity on NCDs and RFs surveillance by identifying processes and strategies for improvement, in the context of the commitments made by Member States at the global, regional, and national levels. 


The objectives were:

  1. To review the global and regional commitments on NCDs and its monitoring frameworks, and the main data sources (population-based surveys, primary health care information system)
  2. To identify gaps and priorities to strengthen the national surveillance system.
  3. To develop work plans to build-up on the national surveillance system to monitor and evaluate national NCD response.

The workshop provided new perspective to participants indicating that the Ministry of Health is expected to share information for the development of the National Monitoring Framework for NCDs, to build national capacity to monitor NCDs gaps, and to prioritize, identify and develop a work plan to strengthen NCD/RFs surveillance capacity.

PAHO/WHO continues to provide technical support to the Ministry of Health.