The First Open-Air Gym in Commewijne opened on World Health Day 2022 supported by PAHO

President Chan Santokhi, PAHO/WHO Representative Dr. Lewis-Bell & Minister of Health Amar Ramadhin

President Santokhi with PAHO/WHO representative Dr. Karen Lewis-Bell, and the Minister of Health Amar Ramadhin (Left to right) at the opening of the first Open-Air Gym in Commewijne opened on World Health Day 2022

The Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) provided funds to support the request by the Ministry of Health in Suriname to develop an open-air gym in the District of Commewijne, which was officially opened on World Health Day.

Paramaribo, 07 April 2022 (PAHO) – At the historical site of Nieuw-Amsterdam, in the District of Commewijne, the first open-air gym was presented to the members of the community by the President of the Republic of Suriname, Chandrikapersad Santokhi, the Minister of Health, Dr. Amar Ramadhin and Dr. Karen Lewis-Bell, PAHO/WHO representative in Suriname.

"We need to change our attitude to life, a healthy lifestyle through more exercise. Through good nutrition and education, families and individuals can be better supported.", stated President Chandrikapersad Santokhi. The Head of State highlighted the timeliness of this event recalling the International Day of Sports (Wednesday, 6 April) and World Health Day (Thursday, 7 April). He furthermore stressed the importance of health and placed the significance of the outdoor gym in the context of the government's health policy and expressed his immense gratitude to PAHO for supporting the Government in developing this amazing outdoor facility.

“Health is a joint responsibility and individuals must take personal actions to protect their own health and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This does not only include eating healthy, nutritious meals and engaging in regular physical activity, but accessing preventive health services such as vaccination and screening for cancers and chronic diseases. PAHO is pleased to have partnered with the Ministry of Health to implement their renewed strategy of health promotion and well-being.”, stated Dr. Karen Lewis-Bell, PAHO/WHO representative in Suriname.