Policy Brief: Considerations for introducing new antiretroviral drug formulations for children; 2020 (Sólo en inglés)



This policy brief is for country-level programme managers, technical advisers and procurement bodies involved in the process of procuring, introducing and scaling up optimal antiretroviral therapy for infants and young children living with HIV in low and middle-income countries. With multiple new antiretroviral drug options and the availability of new evidence, antiretroviral therapy for children is a dynamic and rapidly evolving space. Although critical tools such as the antiretroviral drug optimal formulary are periodically updated to support product selection, programmes must stay informed and up to date on availability of currently used antiretroviral drug formulations for children and anticipated new products to ensure that all children have access to the best available treatment for HIV infection. Implementing the new WHO recommendations for infants and children requires carefully considering the existing regimens in use, antiretroviral drugs for children in stock and in the pipeline and timelines for the availability of newly approved antiretroviral drug formulations for children. This publication outlines what national HIV programmes should be aware of for short- to medium-term (12–24 months) planning.