PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre Activities Library

Collaborating Centers

This library showcases activities carried out by PAHO/WHO CCs to support PAHO/WHO’s goals and mandates from 2015 to 2024.

Disclaimer: The information, activities, services, tools and/or opinions shared and expressed are the responsibility of the institutions and do not necessarily represent the views of PAHO/WHO. PAHO/WHO makes no warranties nor guarantees the accuracy or truthfulness of the information, activities, services and/or tools provided. Users must use these activities, services and/or tools at their own risk. In no case will PAHO/WHO be liable for any damages. For scientific publications listed, it is not guaranteed that the publications listed are included in the CC workplans, but they were deemed relevant. Furthermore, it does not constitute official information about such CCs. This document may be used to complement other information obtained through official channels. For more information, please write to:

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