Spotlight Series: Evidence Informed Policy

PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre Spotlight Series 

Reference Number: CAN-72

Official Title: PAHO/WHO CC for Evidence-Informed Policy
Institution: McMaster Health Forum, McMaster University

Health System

Category 4 (SP 14-19)

Outcome 21 (SP 20-25)

Dr. Reveiz

Dr. Ludovic Reveiz, Advisor, Health Research Management, is the PAHO staff member who supports the WHO focal point to coordinate the collaboration between the institution and the Organization.

The main activities of this Centre include: (1) supporting the development and institutionalization of guidelines in countries; (2) developing handbooks, manuals, tools and videos to build country capacity; (3) supporting the Evidence Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet); (4) coordinating meetings; and (5) maintaining the Health Systems Evidence database.

The Centre has supported PAHO by providing technical expertise to develop the GRADE methodology, a systematic approach that has been utilized to develop almost 700 evidence-informed guidelines and can be found in the International Database of GRADE Guideline (BIGG). This collaboration has been important at a regional level as systematic reviews of evidence/GRADE tables can be used by Member States to adapt their own guidelines.

The Centre also provides support to coordinate the Evidence Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet) at the global level by coordinating meetings, supporting capacity-building activities, developing evidence briefs, providing technical support to Member States and applying for grants. Lastly, the Centre maintains the Health Systems Evidence database by searching for systematic reviews, policy briefs and different types of evidence to add to the database.

Webnotes such as these serve to inform how Collaborating Centres are contributing to the Organization’s priorities and mandates.