SHAA2030 - Goal 7

Sustainable Health Agenda for the Americas 2018-2030

Goal 7

Goal 7: Evidence and Knowledge in Health

Develop capacity for the generation, transfer and use of evidence and knowledge in health, promoting research, innovation and the use of technology.

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This goal aims at strengthening the capacity of countries to conduct relevant and appropriate research on public health matters, and to generate, transfer, and use evidence and knowledge to inform public health policy and resource allocation for health development while promoting research, innovation and the use of technology. This goal also seeks to promote innovation and the use of affordable applications for eHealth, telemedicine, mHealth, and eLearning, which offer opportunities to address health challenges and improve health outcomes. The following are essential components of this goal:

  • research governance, including national health research policies, agendas, and systems aimed at addressing the principal health problems faced by the population;
  • research, development, and innovation in health to facilitate the development of new health technologies, expanding coverage of existing tools to contribute to economic growth;
  • institutional capacities for public health research;
  • promotion of the dissemination and translation of knowledge;
  • training of human resources for research and innovation in health;
  • exchange of knowledge, communities of practice and networks;
  • governance for innovation and digital health.
  • Develop health research policies that lead to funding of at least 2% of the health budget for public health research(1) (adapted from the PAHO Policy on Research for Health, document CD49/10 [2009]).
  • Develop institutional capacities, infrastructure, technology, and qualified human resources for public health research and its dissemination, in accordance with national health policy (adapted from the PAHO Policy on Research for Health, document CD49/10 [2009]).
  • Develop and strengthen strategies and plans on digital health (eHealth) (PAHO Strategy and plan of action of eHealth, document CD51/13 [2011]).
  • [1] Expert recommendation based on observation of how much countries invest in developing sustainable capacities to produce and use health research. This recommendation has been supported technically and politically since 1990 and is reflected in the PAHO Policy on Research for Health and WHO Resolution WHA60.15. The Policy indicates that the Bureau will “foster an appreciation, at the political level, of the value of research in accelerating health improvements and development, and seek political commitment to national health research aiming for the allocation of at least 2% of the budgets of ministries of health to research and research capacity strengthening, in order to reach funding levels proposed in WHA resolutions, expert committees, ministerial forums and strategic plans.” (PAHO Policy on Research for Health, document CD49/10)