Regional Stories

11 May 2021
The Life in Traffic Project was born from an initiative of the World Health Organization and a group of international partners integrated into an initiative of Bloomberg Philanthropies, which began in five Brazilian cities in 2010, under the national coordination of the Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization in Brazil.
4 May 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified challenges for the most vulnerable communities. In countries like Costa Rica, migrants face even greater obstacles. Between the health crisis and economic hardships, thousands of families are suffering the consequences of an uncertain future.
2 May 2021
Marcela Chávez was already an advanced biology student when she decided to drop out and start over – this time to become a midwife with a degree in obstetrics and childcare. She finished her degree more than three decades ago when she was 24 years old, and went to work in the province of Chiloé, more than 900 kilometers from her home in Bio Bio,…