Guidance on community mental health services

To support countries in their efforts to align mental health systems and services delivery with international human rights standards, including the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the WHO Guidance on community mental health services promotes person-centred and rights-based approaches and calls for a focus on scaling up community-based mental health services that promote person-centred, recovery- oriented and rights-based health services. It provides real-world examples of good practices in mental health services in diverse contexts worldwide and describes the linkages needed with housing, education, employment and social protection sectors, to ensure that people with mental health conditions are included in the community and are able to lead full and meaningful lives, and presents examples of comprehensive, integrated, regional and national networks of community-based mental health services and supports. Specific recommendations and action steps are presented for countries and regions to develop community mental health services that are respectful of peoples’ human rights and focused on recovery.