Meeting Documents - HEARTS Workshop St. Lucia May 2023

St. Lucia, May 16-19, 2023

Regional Ministry of Health representatives and health managers gathered in St. Lucia for the first Caribbean HEARTS Initiative workshop, signaling a solid commitment of 17 countries and territories to the implementation of WHO/PAHO flagship Initiative for improving cardiovascular health. A workshop to improve cardiovascular risk management in the context of COVID-19 was conducted during two and a half days (from 16 to 18 May), followed by a one and a half workshop on noncommunicable diseases surveillance (18-19 May).

It allowed to improve knowledge and demonstrate cardiovascular risk management, best practices shared for improved implementation in the Caribbean, an application plan for the hypertension control drivers, and a NCD monitoring framework developed to suit each country’s situation.

More information: Improving CVD Clinical Management through HEARTS Implementation in the Context of COVID-19 and NCD Surveillance in the Caribbean

Presentations and Other Meeting Documents