Appendix. Building better immunity: A life course approach to healthy longevity

Building better immunity

This publication is an Appendix to the technical document “Building better immunity: A life course approach to healthy longevity”, with the contributions of several subject-matter experts within and outside the Pan American Health organization (PAHO). This Appendix provides examples of activities within the national immunization program that can improve coverage rates and reduce missed opportunities for four population groups: pregnant women, adolescents, healthcare workers (HCWs), and older adults. These examples translate the principles and concepts of the Life Course Approach into concrete activities, which can be used by managers of National Immunization Programs and by vaccinators, respectively, to bolster vaccination coverage rates. These four groups represent life stages for which highly effective vaccines exist and that can greatly influence their health capacities. The application of primary series, booster, and catch-up vaccine doses in these groups are critical to close emerging immunity gaps. The activities are grouped into eight components: (i) stewardship and advocacy, (ii) equity, (iii) human resources and financing, (iv) organization and service delivery, (v) demand generation and community engagement, (vi) information systems, (vii) training and (viii) evaluation and research. The examples should be assessed, customized, implemented and possibly expanded by Member States to align with the national and local contexts. This document is part of PAHO’s efforts to promote the application of a life course approach to immunization by the countries and territories of the Americas and to support Ministries of Health establish public health strategies at the subnational and local levels to safeguard the health and well-being of individuals of all ages.

Main Publication: Building better immunity: A life course approach to healthy longevity.