CD57/INF/10 - D. Cooperation for Health Development in the Americas: Progress Report

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The purpose of this document is to report to the Governing Bodies of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) on progress in the implementation of Resolution CD52.R15 (2013) (1), Cooperation for Health Development in the Americas, and its related Policy Document CD52/11 (2013) (2) on the same subject, establishing that: “The goal of the policy is to strengthen cooperation among countries and horizontal partnerships within and across regions in order to proactively share health solutions that effectively and sustainably address common health problems, particularly in priority areas such as facilitating universal access to health care and addressing the social determinants of health. Cooperation among countries and horizontal partnerships can also be used to tackle equity issues and asymmetries within and among countries. Shared solutions and exchanges should be increasingly evidence-based in order to strengthen the scientific approach to these types of cooperation.”

Resolution CD52.R15 requests the Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau (PASB, or the Bureau) to “present the Directing Council or the Pan American Sanitary Conference with periodic evaluations of the implementation and impact of the policy on cooperation for health development in the Americas, especially cooperation which, for the Organization, involves resource mobilization in order to highlight the possible challenges and success factors that could help to further improve the policy, beginning with the 29th Pan American Sanitary Conference”. In response to this request, in 2017 the first progress report was presented to the 29th Pan American Sanitary Conference (Document CSP29/INF/7). This is therefore the second progress report on this subject (3).