Global Vaccine Action Plan: 2020 Report on Progress Toward Immunization Goals in the Americas

GVAP 2020Americas

With the World Health Organization (WHO) currently developing the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy 2030, this publication reports on the progress made in implementing the Plan of Action on Immunization for the Region for the Americas (RIAP). Aligned with the WHO’s existing Global Vaccine Action Plan, the RIAP proposes a road map for Member States of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to follow in designing and implementing immunization policies along strategic lines of action. Monitoring and evaluation of the RIAP are conducted in accordance with PAHO’s results-based management framework and performance management processes, with a focus on 13 objectives and 29 indicators. They also serve to prepare regular reports for PAHO’s Executive Management and Governing Bodies. On this basis, the publication examines the progress of the RIAP in various fields: maintaining the Region’s polio-free status; introducing vaccines and assessing their impact; controlling outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases; eliminating transmission of hepatitis B from mother to child and during early childhood; and strengthening health services for effective vaccine administration. It also examines general challenges related to maintaining high and homogenous vaccination coverage at all levels. The publication finds that the progress made has been a result of the commitment of governments, multiple partners, and communities working together, with the unstinting dedication of health workers, and with PAHO providing technical cooperation to support countries’ needs, to learn from them, and to facilitate sharing lessons learned across countries.