Leishmaniasis: Epidemiological Report for the Americas. No.12 (December 2023)

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This report presents the 2022 epidemiological profile of the Region, as well as describes the analyses of the goals and main indicators of the Plan of Action to Strengthen the Surveillance and Control of Leishmaniasis in the Americas 2017-2022, which at the regional level, were not fully achieved, but when analyzed individually by country,  significant progress has been made, demonstrating the commitment and effort of the Ministries of Health with regard to the disease surveillance, patient care and control. 

Within the framework of the approval of the PAHO's Disease Elimination Initiative, the WHO Roadmap for 2030, and the publication of the cross-cutting resolutions: a) Plan of Action on Entomology and Vector Control 2018-2023 and b) One Health: A Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Health Threats, the leishmaniasis Plan of Action for 2023-2030 was updated, discussed and agreed upon with endemic countries, specialists, collaborators and partners.

With this new Plan, it is expected to improve and strengthen surveillance and control actions to obtain better results, such as expand access and implementation of diagnostic methodologies, and treatment alternatives for affected people living in risk areas, also, execution of actions according to the risk stratification, reduction of vector contact, among others.