Monitoring Framework for Universal Health in the Americas

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The need to transform health systems in the Region of the Americas also evidences the need for a framework of regional reference to measure the progress of policies aimed at strengthening health systems and achieving universal health. Monitoring Framework for Universal Health in the Americas has been prepared with the aim of supporting the analysis of progress and performance of public policies, the generation of evidence and the decision-making to transform or strengthen health systems. Similarly, its purpose is to be integrated into the national processes of planning, monitoring, evaluation, and accountability of progress Member States in the implementation of the measures contained in Resolution CD53.R14. It is expected that the application of this framework will contribute to better policies as well as collaborative work and learning in the Region. This publication offers general guidelines for technical units of national health authorities, which may adapt them according to their own context and needs. The proposed activities could be implemented in an integrated manner with the technical cooperation work of the Pan American Health Organization and related tools developed to strengthen capacities for monitoring, evaluation, and analysis of transformation processes of health systems to advance toward universal health in the Region of the Americas