PAHO Biweekly COVID-19 Epidemiological Update - 19 April 2023

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  • Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020 and up to 15 April 2023, a cumulative total of 763 million COVID-19 cases including 6.9 million deaths were reported from all six WHO regions. During epidemiological week (EW) 14 & 15, cases increased in SEARO (215.8%), EMRO (29.7%), and WPRO (10.6%) and deaths decreased in 4 regions while they increased in SEARO (127.0%) and EMRO (80.1%) compared to the previous 2 weeks.

  • In the region of the Americas, 365,747 cases and -5,060 deaths were reported in EW 14 & 15 – a -33.6% decrease in cases and -378.9% decrease in deaths compared to the previous 2 weeks. Please note, the negative number in deaths for EW 14&15 in the region of the Americas is due to a retro-adjustments done by Chile and Canada for cumulative deaths since 2020.

  • At the subregional level, COVID-19 cases decreased in all subregions. Deaths increased in Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean Islands (21.3%).

  • Among countries/territories in the region with available data, biweekly COVID-19 hospitalizations increased in eighteen countries and territories (range: 6.3% - 547.7%) during EW 14 & 15 compared to the previous 2 weeks. Among countries and territories with available data, biweekly COVID-19 ICU admissions increased in nine countries and territories (range: 8.8% - 1,350%).