PAHO Smart Hospitals Project - Hurricane shutters & windows: the do's and don'ts of installation!

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PAHO Smart Hospitals Projects started in 2013 and has been implemented across nine countries in the Caribbean Region. Lessons have been learnt from the retrofitting of facilities as the project progresses. The information being presented highlights our experiences.

Contractors retrofitting healthcare facilities in the Caribbean are recommended to purchase and install hurricane rated windows or shutters which are certified with a Notice of Acceptance (NoA) to Miami Dade Building Code. Miami Dade, which is an addition to the Florida Building Code for hurricane-prone zones, uses wind speeds in the testing of windows and shutters that are comparable to the wind speeds experienced in the Caribbean.

The Florida Building Code uses a classification of high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ) for areas vulnerable to hurricanes. Hurricane shutters that are installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications can place a quality assurance label to the shutter or window.