PAHO Weekly COVID-19 Epidemiological Update - 8 February 2022

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Globally, COVID-19 cases decreased for the first-time after six consecutive weeks of increasing trends since EW 50, 2021 (Figure 1). More than 19.8 million cases were reported in EW 5 representing a decrease of 14.6% compared to the previous week. The decrease in cases was observed across most WHO regions except for the Eastern Mediterranean Region where it increased by approximately 36% compared to the previous week.

The global weekly deaths continue to accelerate for the sixth consecutive week with a 13.4% increase reported during EW 5 (72,278 deaths) compared to EW 4 (63,503 deaths) (Figure 1).

In the Region of the Americas, more than 4.8 million new cases including over 33,000 new deaths were reported in EW 5 representing a decrease of 31% in cases and an increase of 13% in deaths compared to EW 4.

The weekly cases decreased for the third consecutive week in the region of the Americas across all sub-regions, while regional deaths increased for the fifth consecutive week in all subregions except for the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean Islands where it decreased by 29% relative to the previous week.

Overall, while weekly deaths remain elevated, the growth appears to have slowed down across all subregions compared to the previous weeks.

Weekly trends in hospitalizations and/or ICU admissions declined or remained similar to the previous week in many North American (Canada and USA) and Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean Islands. ICU admissions appear to be increasing, particularly among countries in South America and some larger Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean Islands like Jamacia and Cuba.