PAHO Weekly COVID-19 Epidemiological Update -EW9- 7 March 2023

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  • Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020 and up to 07 March 2023, a cumulative total of approximately 758.7 million COVID-19 cases including about 6.9 million deaths were reported from all six WHO regions. During epidemiological week (EW) 9, both cases and deaths decreased in all regions.

  • In the region of the Americas, 340,487 cases and 3,005 deaths were reported in EW 9 – a -4.9% decrease in cases and -20.5% decrease in deaths compared to the previous week.

  • At the subregional level, COVID-19 cases increased in two subregions – South America (49.8%) and Central America (5.6%). Deaths increased in two subregions – Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean Islands (53.8%) and Central America (10.3%).

  • The overall weekly case notification rate for the region of the Americas was 33.3 cases per 100,000 population during EW 9 (35 the previous week). Between EW 9 and 8, the 14-day COVID-19 death rate was 6.6 deaths per 1 million population (7.4 the previous two weeks).

  • Among 18 countries and territories in the region with available data, COVID-19 hospitalizations increased in 8 countries and territories (range: 2.1% - 68.4%) during EW 9 compared to the previous week. Among 15 countries and territories with available data, COVID-19 ICU admissions increased in 4 countries and territories (range: 3.8% - 100%).