Psychosocial Care for Pediatric Cancer. Module 04: Resources for a Gradual Return to Daily Life

Module 04: Resources for a Gradual Return to Daily Life


Module 4 focuses on the progressive reintegration of childhood cancer patients into daily life. The objective is to provide them with the possibility of accessing academic, social or other resources that facilitate their healthy reintegration after cancer treatment, in addition to anticipating possible psychosocial disorders in survivors.

Advances in the treatment of pediatric cancer have made it possible to expand initiatives beyond cure and cover aspects such as early detection, continuity of treatment and reduction in toxicity. All this has paved the way for a more comprehensive vision of patient care, which means better chances of healing and a fuller life - objectives of the World Initiative against Childhood Cancer. Within this comprehensive care, psychosocial care includes the social, psychological, spiritual and functional dimensions of the disease process of patients. This series includes guidelines and standards based on evidence that guarantee the quality of said care. The standards are the result of discussion and review by different professionals from Latin America and the Caribbean.

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