Radiation Shielding for Clinics and Small Hospitals with a WHIS-RAD 2013


This second manual, “Radiation Shielding for Clinics or Small Hospitals with a WHIS-RAD”, details the calculations used to determine the radiation shielding required for the minimum size room (16 square meters) that is acceptable for a WHIS-RAD X-ray unit. Adjoining spaces, as well as various situations involving the staff, patients, and the storage of X-ray sensitive materials (film and loaded cassettes/ digital receptors), are included. To determine the required shielding (Table 2), the calculations are based on the X-ray examinations of 3,000 patients per year as is common in small hospitals (WL=1), and also for many times that workload. Table 2, with its wide range of situations, is also a useful reference for comparing shielding requirements for similar installations...

The information will be useful for health authorities, health care, and non-profit donor organizations when resources are limited. Funds not spent on unnecessary radiation shielding can be better used for equipment and staffing.

Rotary International District 6440 and PAHO are jointly publishing on the Internet this Manual on “Radiation Shielding for Clinics and Small Hospitals with a WHIS-RAD”. The Manual is authored by Drs. Gerald Hanson and Philip E.S. Palmer who are internationally recognized for their work with PAHO and WHO (World Health Organization) in radiation safety and radiology. They have given pre-publication rights to Rotary District 6440 and PAHO to assure the immediate availability of the information.