To achieve universal access Member States must formulate and implement coherent Pharmaceutical Policies, integrated within National Health Policy, and linked with other related policies including science technology and industrial development. 

Access to essential medicines and biologicals is ensured through the development of an organized system that integrates the selection, financing, procurement, and distribution of pharmaceuticals in accordance with the needs of the population.

PAHO Response
  • Provides technical cooperation to Member States in developing policies, plans and strategies to ensure access to medicines, vaccines, and other health technologies; strengthens governance capacity and regulation, and the support of national systems to facilitate access to vaccines and medicines through regional procurement mechanisms, collaborative networks, and regional platform such as the Regional Platform on Access and Innovation for Health Technologies.
  • Promotes the strengthening of pharmaceutical services, radiology and blood, the establishment of priorities for selecting health technologies for health systems, the application of evidence in decisions regarding the incorporation and use of health technologies, and the promotion of rational use of medicines and health technologies in health systems.