Regional Status Report 2020: Preventing and Responding to Violence against Children in the Americas

Cover of Regional Status Report: Preventing Violence against Children

Violence against children is widespread in the Region of the Americas and it takes many different, equally unacceptable forms. This report is a major milestone for the Region, because it is the first of its kind. It specifically builds on and is informed by the momentum of INSPIRE: Seven Strategies to End Violence Against Children, a technical package of seven strategies based on the best available evidence and with the highest potential to end violence against all children.

The report provides a more in-depth analysis of strategies and approaches to prevent and respond to violence against children in the Americas. Being in line with the commitment made by Member States to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and multiple regional and global strategies, attention to this topic is timely. Its importance is further underlined by the fact that it is the first time that governments are self-reporting on their work to address violence against children in line with the evidence-based strategies of INSPIRE.

The report comes at unprecedented times, as the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new urgency for action on violence against children. This report offers a baseline of efforts in the Region to prevent and respond to violence against all children everywhere.