"Vaccines Explained" against COVID 19 and routine vaccination - Social media video collection

vaccines explained videos



  1. Journey of a vaccine: the cold chain (View / Download)
  2. How are COVID-19 vaccines being developed and approved so quickly (View / Download)
  3. A vaccine protects an individual (View / Download)
  4. Want to get your child vaccinated but worried about COVID-19 in health settings? (View / Download)
  5. Did you know that many fatal diseases are preventable? (View / Download)
  6. What are the ingredients in vaccines (View / Download)
  7. There are three clinical trial phases in vaccine development (View / Download)
  8. Are you and your family up to date on vaccines? (View / Download)
  9. Did you or your child miss scheduled vaccination because COVID-19? (View / Download)
  10. How do antigens work? (View / Download)