Webinar series on Primary Health Care with territorial perspective

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The strengthening of PHC from the territory is a fundamental part of the transformation processes of health systems that move towards greater service integration.

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To address the magnitude of the region's health challenges, the territorial PHC approach must consider the quality of health services, financing, mainly of the first level of care (FLC), stewardship and governance capacities, and the organization, productivity, and efficiency of health networks and services. In the next step, integrate it with prioritized regional efforts such as the development of digital health and telemedicine, the elimination of communicable diseases, the integration of PHC in the approach to Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), and the social determinants of health (SDH).

This series of seminars will cover these topics, sharing experiences and good practices of actors in the territory, to serve as a forum for learning and discussion, providing a platform to explore the challenges and opportunities that arise on the development path of health systems based on PHC.

  Series goals:

  • Explore the particular characteristics of the PHC approach in the region of the Americas, focusing on the territorial approach and equity.
  • Analyze the access challenges and the search for universal access in the territorial context, highlighting the importance of fundamental actions to guarantee quality care.
  • Discuss the role of financing, stewardship, governance, and the organization, as well as the productivity and efficiency of health networks and services in strengthening territorial PHC.
  • Integrate prioritized regional efforts such as digital health, telemedicine, elimination of communicable diseases, addressing chronic non-communicable diseases, and social determinants of health in the context of territorial PHC.
  • Share experiences and good practices of actors in the territory to illustrate the path towards the development of health systems based on PHC.

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This webinars series is aimed at health professionals, health service managers, policy makers, academics, students and other relevant actors in the health field. The spaces will be led by experts who will allow the exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices in each field. These dialogues will also allow the exploration of community participation and other interested parties in the service integration process, as well as the influence of health determinants and the importance of concerted political and multisectoral action.


April: National quality and patient safety policies: experiences and challenges for the Americas region.
May: Financing PHC and integrated health care: challenges and opportunities.
June: PHC operational framework in the Americas (in collaboration with EASP).
July: Opportunities for the development of territorial PHC from the improvement of productivity, efficiency and quality of health services.
August: Strengthening EPHF Capacities in the Caribbean: Recommendations to Improve the PHC approach.
September: Emerging technologies: shaping the future of PHC.
October: Moving towards the elimination of communicable diseases from the territorial PHC approach.
November: Better care: expand and accelerate the integration of NCD services into primary health care.
December: Building from the community: integrating PHC into the territory from addressing the social and environmental determinants of health.

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Seminar 1: National quality and patient safety policies

Seminar 2: Financing primary care and integrated health care