How the Network of WHO Collaborating Centres for Children's Environmental Health is Supporting PAHO/WHO

1 Dec 2021
environmental health

The network's members work together to provide support to WHO on children’s environmental health (CEH). Examples of this collaboration includes: providing input for the first WHO report on e-waste and child health; developing background documents and journal reviews, including the first systematic review on e-waste and health and supporting WHO’s capacity-building efforts in CEH by developing and reviewing training materials for health care professionals including the first multi-agency massive online course on e-waste. Regionally, the network is working with PAHO on the implementation of e-waste interventions in Panama and Bolivia and supporting the development of the first training for health professionals on e-waste and child health. Lastly, the network has supported in the development of the first WHO report on e-waste and child health

These activities are building evidence and research capacities for CEH globally and developing interventions aimed to reducing exposure and preventing and decreasing the burden of disease for children.