How the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre on Occupational Health (USA-359) is Supporting PAHO/WHO

1 Dec 2021
WHO CC (USA-334)

The personnel at the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre (CC) on Occupational Health (USA-359) visited the Gambia for a validation exercise of the “National Occupational Health and Safety Policy for Protection of Health Care Workers” with 30 members of the Gambian Ministry of Health (MoH).  Emphasizing the Gambian MoH priority topics, including preventing blood-borne and airborne disease transmission and the safe management of infectious medical waste, this document was a product of a six-year training and capacity building effort between the WHO CC and the MoH, based on the WHO/ILO (International Labour Organization) HealthWISE training curriculum for health workers. 

Since then, the validation exercise led to a policy document which will be promoted as ‘best practices’ in regional training efforts within the Gambia.