Professionals from the Ministry of Health of Uruguay were trained in use of the open-source epidemic intelligence platform (EIOS)

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Uruguay, October 5, 2023 (PAHO)- In order to strengthen epidemiological surveillance in the country, in response to a Request for Cooperation made by the Ministry of Public Health of Uruguay (MOH), a workshop on the Epidemic Intelligence Open Source System (EIOS) was held in Montevideo from August 7 to 11, 2023.

This system is focused on event-based surveillance for the rapid detection and assessment of public health risks and makes it possible to streamline the processes of collecting and analyzing large amounts of data from different sources in a collaborative environment.

The workshop, organized by the Health Emergencies Information and Risk Assessment Unit (HIM) of the PAHO's Health Emergencies Department, was attended by professionals from the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ministry of Environment of Uruguay.

The workshop's methodology goes beyond face-to-face training, as the PAHO/WHO Regional Office continues to provide support to EIOS users through weekly sessions and online forums.



This event is part of the Organization's efforts to contribute to amplifying the scope of this collaborative network in the Region of the Americas which pursues a unified "One Health" approach to the early detection, verification, assessment and communication of potential public health threats.

For more information please visit PAHO's Epidemic Intelligence webpage.