Vaccines, pregnancy and COVID-19

12 Jul 2021

Montevideo, July 10, 2021, CLAP/PAHO- On July 8, the Latin American Federation of Obstetricians (FLO) organized a webinar to discuss vaccines, pregnancy and COVID-19. The meeting, which was moderated by Lic. Ema Schuler, President of FLO, was attended by Dr. Alba María Ropero, PAHO’s Regional Advisor on Immunization, and Dr. Bremen de Mucio, PAHO’s Regional Advisor on Maternal Health.

Dr. Ropero gave an overview of COVID-19 vaccines and discussed the progress of vaccination in the Americas and addressed the key considerations of COVID-19 in pregnancy, and current recommendations of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on immunization for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dr. De Mucio pointed out the importance and value of epidemiological surveillance that allows anticipating some phenomena and reviewed the recommendations that emerged during the pandemic based on new available evidence.
Webinar Recording on Vaccines, COVID-19, and Pregnancy

Webinar Recording on Vaccines, COVID-19 and Pregnancy (in Spanish)