New Health Minister in Dominica oriented on the work of the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization

Orientation of new minister of health in Dominica

Roseau, Dominica, 23 February 2023 (PAHO) – On a recent visit to Dominica, PAHO/WHO Representative for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Countries, Dr Amalia Del Riego provided newly appointed Minister of health, Wellness and Social Services, Hon Cassani Laville with an orientation to the work of PAHO/WHO.

Minister Laville thanked Dr. Del Riego for providing the comprehensive presentation about organization. He acknowledged the tremendous support provided by PAHO and specifically noted his appreciation for having the PAHO/WHO Country Program Specialist, Anneke Wilson stationed in Dominica.  

“It is always good to have a rep that you have first-hand direct access to, that is important, it shows the commitment that you have to us. I often say that friends are those who are there when you are most vulnerable, during the COVID period we were extremely vulnerable, and you were there and you continue to be there.  We are indeed grateful for that.”

The Minister stated the support currently being provided by PAHO with Dominica’s strategic plan noting it would establish the roadmap that they would follow and be guided by.  He also noted his appreciation for the wealth of knowledge shared on the processes, networks and mechanisms of the organization during the orientation session. 

Dr. Del Riego referenced the tradition of excellent collaboration between PAHO and the Government of Dominica stating the plan to take a more innovative approach to providing technical cooperation to the country. 

“As a Member State of PAHO we are committed to supporting Dominica and by extension the Ministry of Health. PAHO’s role is to support each Member State to implement what collectively they decide are the mandates for the organization.”

The PAHO/WHO representative also updated the Minister on the Biennial Work Plans (BWP) process and Dominica’s Health Systems Transformation (DHST) project to achieve Universal Health, which is being supported by PAHO.  During the mission to Dominica, a workshop was also hosted on the Stakeholders Engagement for the DHST project, a collaboration between the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Social Services and PAHO.