The virtual course on Introduction to Renewed Essential Public Health Functions is now available in Portuguese


Washington D.C., 28 November 2023 (PAHO) – The Pan American Health Organization, in coordination with the Virtual Campus for Public Health, presents the Portuguese version of the course "Introduction to the Renewed Essential Functions of Public Health (EPHF)."

The main purpose of this online course is to introduce the new conceptual framework of the EPHF, providing key concepts of its evaluation methodology and strengthening the stewardship of health authorities. The goal is to motivate participants to identify their personal contribution and become agents of change to move towards universal health.

Structured on this new conceptual framework, the self-study course is divided into two modules, comprising multimedia lessons, exercises, and essential bibliography available in the virtual classroom. The course has an approximate duration of 10 hours. The self-study format enables participants to adapt their study time and contemplate the application of their acquired knowledge to the reality of their country.

Upon course completion, participants are required to achieve a minimum score of 70% on the final evaluation questionnaire, accessible after completing all lessons. Upon passing the final evaluation and submitting the satisfaction survey on the Virtual Campus, participants can download the course certificate and retain access to the course videos for future review and application outside the virtual classroom.

Access the course here