Mobile clinics: ensuring equitable access to quality health care in the Northeast

28 Apr 2023
Clinique mobile

As part of the project "Maintenance of health services in times of Covid-19", implemented since January 2022, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is supporting the North-East Health Directorate in Haiti in the establishment of mobile clinics.

The objective of these mobile clinics, deployed in 14 hard-to-reach areas during the month of March, is to improve the health conditions of the populations in these areas, to provide consultation services as close as possible and to make the offer of primary health services available.

"Mobile clinic activities help us because we don't have enough financial means. It comes to us and it's free. We are happy with that," explains Pierre Dieula, one of the beneficiaries who came to consult at the mobile clinic in Miyere.

Through these mobile clinics, the inhabitants of these 14 localities were able to benefit from educational sessions, general and prenatal consultations, nutritional monitoring of children, immunization services and distribution of contraceptive methods.

Among the health professionals supervising these activities, Milène Pierre, Polyvalent Health Agents says: "These mobile clinics are important because when people travel to go to the hospital near Fort-Liberté, they take 3 hours of time. And if they take a means of transport, it can cost them 1,000 gourdes and it's expensive."

This project, carried out with the financial support of the European Union, once again highlighted  the crucial issue of access to health care for the most remote populations and the importance of continuing to develop and support innovative projects adapted to both local constraints and needs.