EU-PAHO/WHO Handover Vehicles to the Ministry of Health to Implement and Monitor Health Sector Support Programme in Belize

9 Jul 2019
EU, MOH of Belize and MOH of Belize

July 9, 2019 - Mr Nicolaus Hansmann, Team Leader, European  Union (EU) Technical Office in Belize and Dr Noreen Jack, Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) Representative in Belize handed over two (2) vehicles to the Honourable Pablo Marin, Minister of Health, in a ceremony at the Ministry of Health grounds. These vehicles were donated to the Ministry of Health (MOH) to facilitate the implementation of the Health Sector Support Programme Belize.  This four-year project is aimed at achieving a better quality of life, for all Belizeans, living now and in the future.

Considering the health sector in Belize is confronted with many global challenges including emerging diseases, non-communicable diseases and the threat of climate-related disasters, strategic approaches are necessary for efficiency. This EU-PAHO/WHO-MOH partnership will address two (2) specific objectives:

  • Develop efficient, effective, disaster resilient and environmentally friendly health facilities   
  • Improve the structure, organization and management of health services

Some of the expected results of this joint programme are the following:

  • Six health facilities and one laboratory retrofitted based on the smart hospitals concept and climate-disaster resiliency;
  • National multi-hazard management capacity enhanced;
  • Health system re-organized with improved efficiencies and organizational management, fostering partnership with different stakeholders;
  • Integrated Health Service Delivery Network approach implemented in all regions, including primary care services;
  • National Nutrition Policy designed and promoted;
  • Training in results-base management, strategic planning, and program budgeting and Monitoring and Evaluation system functional.

The vehicles donated  will be used for field work throughout Belize including visits to the many health facilities that will benefit from the structural retrofitting and the reorganization of the health system.

The implementing agency for the program, PAHO/WHO is working very closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure the achievement of the programme’s goals and objectives.    PAHO/WHO and the Ministry of Health takes this opportunity to thank the peoples of the European Union for its generous contribution to the health and well-being of the citizens of Belize.