Webinar: Global Alcohol Policy Conference: what happened and what lessons can be used in the Region

Webinar: Global Alcohol Policy Conference: what happened and what lessons can be used in the Region
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The 6th Global Alcohol Policy conference is the largest advocacy event in the area of alcohol policy, being co-sponsored by WHO and the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance. The conference will be held in Dublin, from 9-11 March, 2020.  The outcomes and of the Conference will be disscused on a webinar on Wednesday, 18 March, 2020, titled "Global Alcohol Policy Conference: what happened and what lessons can be used in the Region". As a participant and speaker at the event, Dr. Beatriz Champagne will provide her insights about the outcomes of the Conference. The webinar will be an opportunity to discuss some of the topics covered and what NGOs and advocates can learn from her experience and recommendations from the conference.

The session will be only in Spanish, with the presentation slides in English.



Dr. Beatriz Champagne is a member of the Inter American Heart Foundation, dedicated to the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases or NCDs, heart diseases and stroke in the Americas.  She helped found her organization and was Executive Director from 1995 to 2017.  She continues her active engagement with a focus on advocacy. In 2018, she was designated World Heart Federation Advocacy Committee Chair, with a global sphere of action.

Beatriz’s contributions include advocacy to promote and defend policies supporting good nutrition, physical activity, control of tobacco and alcohol. She organized and has led the Healthy Latin America Coalition (CLAS) that has more than 300 member organizations in the region and has been instrumental in presenting a coherent response from civil society to issues arising nationally and internationally.

She holds a Master of Science and Ph.D. from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, and a Bachelor of Science summa cum laude from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.  She was born and spend her formative years in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Time correspondence

  • 10:30 am. - Mexico City, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa
  • 11:30 am.- Bogota, Kingston, Lima, Quito
  • 12:30 pm.- Brigdetown, La Paz, Santo Domingo,
  • 1:30 pm.- Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile

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(Note: Starting in March 9th,  Washington D.C. area will be in daylight saving time (EDT), so the regular time difference with your area may be different)

Alcohol and Health Webinar Series

This webinar is the first of the Alcohol and Health Webinar Series for 2020, continuing the series iniciated in 2019, with the purpouse of disseminating up-to-date and accurate information about alcohol epidemiology, harms, policies and research in the Region of the Americas and globally, which in turn can be used for advocacy, policy development and implementation. 

Access the recordings and presentations of previous webinars in the following link: Alcohol and Health Webinar Series