HIV drug resistance report 2019 (Sólo en inglés)



The rise in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the greatest threats to global health. If it is not urgently addressed, it may result in millions of deaths, an increase in new and hard-to-treat infections and increased health-care costs. As a result, combatting AMR, including the threat posed by drug-resistant HIV, is a major goal for the global community.

Prevention, monitoring and timely response to population levels of HIV drug resistance (HIVDR) is critical to achieving the WHO/UNAIDS 90–90–90 targets for 2020 that 90% of people living with HIV know their HIV status, 90% of those who know their HIV-positive status are accessing treatment and 90% of the people receiving treatment having suppressed viral loads.

This report presents findings from 44 nationally representative HIVDR surveys implemented in 24 low- and middle-income countries using WHO standard survey methods.