SHAA2030 - Goal 2

Sustainable Health Agenda for the Americas 2018-2030

Objetivo 3

GOAL 2: Stewardship and Governance

Strengthen stewardship and governance of the national health authority, while promoting social participation.

goal 1

The achievement of this goal requires strengthening of the essential public health functions, establishment or strengthening of mechanisms for social participation, and dialogue for the development and implementation of inclusive policies, accountability, and transparency. The following are key for the achievement of this goal:

  • leadership of the national health authority in the formulation, monitoring, and evaluation of policies, plans, and programs, with mechanisms that facilitate social participation and accountability;
  • national legal and regulatory frameworks consistent with the commitment of countries to universal access to health and universal health coverage;
  • competencies and capacities for the regulation of service delivery;
  • mechanisms for coordination with other sectors (public, social security, private, nongovernmental) and geographical units (subnational, state, provincial, municipal);
  • comprehensive management of international cooperation(1) to ensure alignment with national health priorities.
  • Achieve universal access to health and universal health coverage, according to the national context (adapted from SDG target 3.8 and PAHO Strategy on Universal Health Access and Universal Health Coverage, document CD53/5, Rev. 2 [2014]).
  • Perform the essential public health functions according to established standards (Core competencies for public health: A regional framework for the Americas, PAHO, 2013).(2)
  • Strengthen stewardship, governance, and transparency, including policies, plans, rules, and processes for health system organization and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation (PAHO Strategy on Universal Health Access and Universal Health Coverage, document CD53/5, Rev. 2 [2014]).(3)
  • Develop and strengthen mechanisms, as applicable, for the regulation of health service delivery in order to expand access and improve quality (PAHO Strategy on Universal Health Access and Universal Health Coverage, document CD53/5, Rev. 2 [2014]).
  • Increase the participation of all stakeholders, including civil society and communities, in the policy-making and evaluation process relating to Health in All Policies to reduce health inequities (PAHO Plan of Action on Health in All Policies, document CD53/10, Rev. 1 [2014]).
  • [1] Essential Public Health Function #5, measurement parameter 5.4. Public Health in the Americas, 2002. Available from:
  • [2] PAHO. Core Competencies for Public Health: A Regional Framework for the Americas, 2013. Available from: Note: The PAHO Essential Public Health Functions Framework is being updated. New measurements/standards will be provided when the updated framework becomes available.
  • [3] The Strategy for Universal Access to Health and Universal Health Coverage posits the need to strengthen stewardship through the exercise of essential public health functions.