Senior Citizens Recreational Program in Nevis

September 2023

With age comes wisdom”, this phrase rings true every time the value of our senior citizens is recognized, they can be aptly described as absolutely priceless.  

The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) recognizes such and thus places much emphasis on ensuring all senior citizens are afforded adequate care while living their sunset years in comfort and grace.

Nevis is the smaller of the 2 islands comprising the nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean. Fondly known as Queen City, it is thirty-six square miles of lush almost unspoiled tropical space, with a population just under thirteen thousand and divided into five parishes. 

The Nevis Senior Citizen Recreational Program came to fruition as early as 2006 and falls under the Ministry of Social Development.  The program offers a wide range of activities for the aged population. Unfortunately, the pandemic forced its suspension in March 2020 due to the high level of risk to elderly persons because of COVID-19. 

On September 15th, 2020, to the delight of many, the green light was given, the program was once again active. This time under strict guidelines of the COVID-19 Task force of Nevis which included social distancing and limited numbers when gathering. This pocket of Nevisian society was more than receptive to the resumption of the program, many had not seen their peers for months. This action was indeed timely as the threat of isolation can lead to severe depression especially in the elderly, socializing and interacting is vital.