Saint Kitts and Nevis


Saint Kitts and Nevis is a nation formed by two islands located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. Saint Kitts is the larger and more populous island, with a total area of 168 km². Nevis, located to the southeast of Saint Kitts, covers an area of 93 km².

The country is divided administratively into 14 parishes (nine in Saint Kitts and five in Nevis).

Its estimated population in 2011 was 47,196 (Saint Kitts 34,918, Nevis 12,278. In 1990, the population structure was stationary among people over the age of 40 and slowly expansive in the population under 40. The population structure currently has a mixed configuration, alternating between stationary and slowly regressive.

The population is mainly of African descent (90%), followed by Caucasian (2.7%) and mixed race (2.5%). Adults over the age of 65 represent 7.5% of the population. Life expectancy at birth is estimated at 73.1 years for men and 78.0 years for women.

The country has improved its social and health conditions, as reflected in a per capita income of US$13,330.

Tourism is an important component of the economy. Saint Kitts and Nevis is classified as a high-income country and in 2015 had the highest annual per capita income in the Caribbean (US$13,330) and a Human Development Index of 0.765.

(Source: Health in the Americas+, 2017 Edition)