Control of Aedes aegypti in the scenario of simultaneous transmission of COVID-19

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Outbreaks of arboviruses transmitted by Aedes aegypti regularly overload health systems, and the situation may become more serious in 2020, with a complex epidemiological scenario of simultaneous transmission with COVID-19. Early detection and prompt medical attention to patients with severe dengue or other arboviruses has helped to dramatically reduce the case fatality rate from these diseases. However, the reality of the possible co-circulation of Dengue (DENV) and COVID-19, in the Americas and in the world, imposes new challenges for the treatment of cases that require immediate attention. Likewise, the impact on human health of the co-infection of any of the DENV and COVID-19 viruses is unknown. All efforts should be made to protect populations at risk and try to reduce the epidemic cocirculation of both viruses.