Handbook for Communication on the Rational Use of Antimicrobials for the Containment of Resistance

Cover "Handbook for Communication on the Rational Use of Antimicrobials"

The objective of this communication handbook is to help communication professionals and health program officials develop strategies to raise awareness and promote the importance of the appropriate use of antimicrobials among different stakeholders; raise public awareness about the importance of obtaining antimicrobials with a prescription in order to achieve multisectoral collaboration to ensure compliance with laws and regulations on this issue; and promote a change in behavior regarding the appropriate use and acquisition of antimicrobials by everyone involved. The target audiences for this handbook are the general population (including adolescents, children, and child caregivers/parents of children), healthcare professionals (including pharmacists and pharmacy staff), and various stakeholders (government officials, professional societies, medical organizations, the private sector, local leaders, and health-influencers, among others).