Preventing suicide: a resource for media professionals - Update 2023

Preventing suicide: a resource for media professionals - Update 2023


There is evidence that media reports about suicide can enhance or weaken suicide prevention efforts. Widely disseminated stories of death by suicide are often followed by more suicides in the population, while stories of overcoming a suicidal crisis can lead to fewer suicides. Media professionals are encouraged to focus on presenting stories of people who overcome difficulties following a suicidal crisis while also following the Dos and Don’ts in this resource when reporting on suicide.

Previous versions have been updated in this resource, in particular in the areas of proactive reporting on stories of survival and suicide prevention, positive impacts of reporting on suicide prevention, hope and recovery, and specific considerations for online, digital and social media.

The primary audience for this resource comprises professionals working directly in the media, such as journalists, news directors, editors, copy editors, photographers and videographers, as well as journalism schools. More broadly, it is addressed to all other stakeholders who communicate and message or speak publicly about suicide and suicide prevention.

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