Universal Health Day 2021 - High-level Virtual Meeting Concept Note

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Universal Health Day, 2021. 
Leave no one’s health behind: Invest in health systems for all
High-level virtual meeting
December 10, 2021 14:00 – 15:00 (EST)

COVID-19 has highlighted the inextricable linkages between health, the economy, the environment, and social protection policies and mechanisms. In this context, many countries are experiencing some backsliding in the implementation of the of the Regional Strategy for Universal Access to Health and Universal Health Coverage (Universal Health) and new attention is being given to building resilient health systems, as synergistic and complementary to the Universal Health strategy.

Experience during the pandemic has made clear that investing to build resilience in health systems is imperative to protect and promote health as well as social and economic development. PAHO will support actions by Member States to accelerate the recuperation and protection of lost public health gains and advance transformation toward more resilient, sustainable, and inclusive health systems during what may be a complex and protracted social and economic crisis in the Americas. This agenda will guide future strategic public investments that will protect and promote health and social and economic development.

In this virtual meeting, PAHO is inviting high-level stakeholders to discuss the different dimensions of this agenda, both from the perspective of international organizations supporting health and development in the Americas, and from a country perspective.